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Zafron Restaurant
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 (404) 255-7402

What is Sangak?

What is Sangak?

One of the great things about frequenting Zafron is the incredible edible journey that each visit will take you on. When you and your family experiment with different cuisine from around the world, you begin to not only open up your taste buds to new experiences, but you also open up your mind to new information. At Zafron, Sandy Springs’ premier Persian eatery, you will learn something new with each visit.

One of our favorite new items to add to our taste bud inventory is Sangak, a specialty Persian bread that abounds at Zafron. So what is Sangak anyway?

Sangak is a special Persian bread that is often oblong in shape. Traditional Sangak bread is made to be about two feet long. Sangak is one of the most common types of bread baked in Persian countries. It is usually made from wheat flour or a variation of three parts whole wheat flour with one part white flour. The dough is considered to be a mild sourdough. Traditional Sangak recipes call for a portion of the dough from the previous day to be saved in order to leaven the new batch of bread each morning. The dough is then allowed to ferment for one and a half hours. After this, it is rolled, shaped and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Sangak is usually baked for about five minutes on top of a bed of small pebbles in an oven.

Once the bread is done, the pebbles are taken off. When the pebbles are shaken off small indentations are left on the bottom where the dough rested. In Persian countries in the past, it was not unusual to find a few small pebbles still stuck to the bottom of Sangak bread.

Sangak has a short shelf life, which contributes to the need for new batches to be made each morning. Sangak is best served hot or warm. Sangak can be dressed up for special occasions like weddings or graduations. New Year’s is also a favorite time to decorate Sangak bread, when many enjoy it with feta cheese and sour cherry jam.

Sangak bread is just one of the exciting Persian foods that you can be introduced to at the all new Zafron. Recently, Zafron has had a complete makeover from inside out. A new name inspired a new look and patrons will be delighted with our modernized, stylish dining room as well as our relaxed outdoor patio. Sip drinks and enjoy an appetizer as you bask in the warm spring Georgia sun at our Sandy Springs location.

If you are looking for the perfect spot for a casual lunch, romantic dinner, or even an organized family event, Zafron has an exotic Persian experience waiting for you.