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Why Does Fresh Taste Better?

Why Does Fresh Taste Better?

We live in a world focused on convenience at the cost of taste. Many restaurants use bulk frozen produce in their dishes, with some even proclaiming they are “fresh”. At Zafron, when we say our food is fresh, we mean it. All of our produce is sourced fresh and never frozen. Why do we make that extra effort? Fresh food tastes better, supports our local economy, and gives an overall better dining experience than frozen foods.

Fresh Taste

Frozen produce may last longer, but it also sacrifices its flavor and some nutrients the longer it sits in the freezer. Anyone who’s been unfortunate enough to taste a “freezer burned” steak, veggie mix, or anything else knows the disappointment that brings. When you choose to dine with us, we want our food to deliver unmatched fresh flavor.

Fresh meals are also more nutritious than those made with prepackaged, frozen ingredients. Meals made with fresh ingredients contain more vitamins and minerals and less unhealthy fats and salts. In our mission to give diners an unparalleled experience, creating our meals fresh from scratch guarantees that we care. We want everyone who chooses to dine with us to enjoy themselves. Using fresh ingredients takes the guesswork out of what’s in your food. What you see is what you get!

Fresh Responsibility

Fresh ingredients are typically sourced from the local community. This ensures that they arrive at Zafron at the peak of nutritional (and flavorful) value. But fresh food is more than just taste: It supports our growing community in Sandy Spring and growers across Georgia. Fresh food is also more environmentally courteous than frozen or chemically preserved foods.

In fact, agricultural studies have shown that buying fresh produce not only supports farmers today, but is also an investment in the future. It is better for the economy and environment, and it provides security for the growers who work so hard to keep our communities fed. With facts like these, it was an easy decision to strive to use fresh ingredients in every meal we create at Zafron!

Fresh, delicious articles

Fresh Fun

Whether you enjoy our café atmosphere during the day or our elegant evening fare, we want Zafron to be an enchanting experience. The same passion we put into the sights and sounds of our restaurant has also been invested into the taste of our food and the companionship of our staff. We want to deliver an engaging experience to both returning fans and new diners choosing us for the first time. We hope that our unique, always fresh Persian food inspires you as much as you inspire us!